Automatic Feed Pusher

& Refusals' Scraper



  • Cow-Boy allows your cows to benefit from 24 / 7 available fodder. Thus, Cow-Boy stimulates your cows’ feed intake, increases their performances and limits the feed refusals.
  • Cow-Boy allows you to save time with total peace of mind, up to 480 working hours per year, i.e. 60 8-hour working days.
  • Cow-Boy works with two, low energy consumptinn, electric engines.

  • Working conditions

  • No more fodder to push / less physical efforts and daily constraints
  • A calmer livestock thanks to the regular passage of COW-BOY

  • Flexibility

  • Cow-Boy offers you more freedom and schedule flexibility!
  • Features

    Cow-Boy is fully autonomous and manages the whole feeding table between two feed distribution:

  • Pushes the fodder against the feed fence on the feed table

  • Scrapes your cows’ feed refusals and drops them off at the most suitable place for your organisation.
  • Safety

    Cow-Boy is equiped with a very high safety device:

  • Proximity sensor (front):

  • allows Cow-Boy to detect human presence, or any obstacle such as a farming tool and stops automatically at 50 cm from it.

  • Contact sensors (rear + sides):

  • Cow-Boy’s body is equiped with contact sensors allowing it to stop immediately in case of collision with an object or a person during its maneuvers.



    Fodder Pushing: Cow-Boy mooves following an oscillating trajectory from the right to the left in order to get a straight pushing result.

    Refusals’ scraping: Cow-Boy is equiped with an electric actuator allowing it to deploy its scraping blade. Thus, it pushes the feed refusals to the dedicated chosen place before a new feed distribution.

    Cow-Boy can manage many feeding alleys and gets back automatically to its charging station after each cycle.


    Cow-Boy moves following a ground intagrated wire. It is equiped with a self-positionning device taking into consideration the feed pile already present on the feed table.


    Cow-Boy is equiped with a very simple intuitive user menu allowing to make the following adjustments:

  • Passage frequency

  • Refusals’ scraping time
  • Presentation

    The ideal solution with multiple features, created, built up and commercialized by ALB Innovation.

    Cow-Boy is flexible, user friendly and adapts to any farms. Its technology and its guidance system allow it to reach very high performance levels in term of safety and results quality.

    Cow-Boy takes little space and runs on batteries:

    Width 116 cm
    Length 160 cm
    Hight 73 cm

    Charging unit:
    Width 20 cm
    Length 40 cm
    Hight 40 cm